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I did my first jump on 22 August, 1984, at Sibson near Peterborough and was immediately hooked. I did 5 jumps and then due to various personal reasons had to give up. I came back about 4 years later and kept skydiving up until July 2002 when I pretty much gave up.

Here are some of the photo's I have.

A four-way competition dive; team Half-a-Bear with Mark Siggins (big guy in white), Russell Smith (no relation, red) and Cath Symonds (blue/purple), at the Woodmouse competition at Sibson in August 2001.

A couple from the 2000 Espace Boogie at Vichy and Ampuria Brava

Two exits from Casa's with Mixteen 16-way team in France (mainly for the beautiful colour of the sky)

A really good 8-way Skyvan exit and two points from a 12 way, both over Sibson

For more information about skydiving, go see the BPA's website.